since 1985
IAG is the recognized leader in the field of insurance archaeology. IAG has documented hundreds of billions of dollars of prepaid insurance assets, enabling our clients to maximize recoveries for environmental, toxic tort, and a variety of other historic liabilities. Decades of mergers and acquisitions combined with a steady onslaught of emerging liabilities and continued environmental enforcement have ensured that insurance archaeology
– now more than ever – is a best practice for risk management.
extensive and thorough
In reconstructing a coverage history, our staff digs exhaustively through corporate records, tracks down and interviews former employees and identifies a variety of leads to potential outside sources of records.  This forensic research, in conjunction with our knowledge of underwriting practices, our familiarity with the the history of consolidation within the insurance industry and our extensive longstanding contacts, ensure that the most assets are located. A broad range of organizations rely on IAG’s services. They represent all industry sectors, from basic manufacturing to financial services, and include Fortune 500 companies, small to mid-size companies, government agencies, religious/non-profit organizations and schools. We work closely with our client’s risk managers, in-house attorneys, and outside counsel who consistently find our thorough research, comprehensive reports and graphic illustrations invaluable in notifying and negotiating with carriers and in formulating a cohesive strategy for pursuing coverage.
why insurance archaeology?

Rapid acceleration in the pace of merger and acquisition activity on the one hand, and litigation on the other, have led to the broad recognition that an organization’s historic insurance assets were easy to lose track of and very valuable. In particular, organizations with significant exposure to asbestos, environmental, and product liability claims have been likely to need insurance archaeology, a term that has come to denote not only recovery efforts for specific lost policies, but also broad-based projects to reconstruct and organize the entire insurance portfolio.

The IAG Team
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